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Hollywood’s take on Obama: Less gushing this time (omg!)

Hollywood’s take on Obama: Less gushing this time 

NEW YORK (AP) — Hollywood loves the Next Big Thing, and four years ago, that was Barack Obama, the equivalent of a breakout movie star. “He is ‘The One,’” said Oprah Winfrey, his biggest and most influential celebrity champion. “The best candidate I’ve ever seen,” said George Clooney. Halle Berry said she’d “collect paper...
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Myanmar artists test recent freedoms through film (omg!)

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Artists in Myanmar are testing new freedoms through films shown at a festival that for the first time in the country’s recent history were not censored. “The Art of Freedom Film Festival” began screening films on Saturday that were not approved by the strict Film Censorship Board. Myanmar’s new nominally...
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Top 10 Health & Happiness Lessons of 2011 (LiveScience.com)

A lengthy job search promotes worry, stress and anger, but a bad job is worse for happiness than no job at all. Those findings are on the Gallup polling agency’s list of most compelling findings about health and happiness in 2011. The agency queries tens of thousands of Americans every year about their health,...
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VIDEO: Ex-gang member’s delight at OBE

A former gang member whose brother was shot dead is among the London figures listed in the New Year Honours. Chris Preddie, 24, is appointed OBE for his youth work, having abandoned drug-dealing and turned his life around. Speaking to the BBC’s Lizo Mzimba, he said he hoped the award would inspire youths to...
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Syrian antithesis fears disaster of Arab goal (Reuters)

BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Syrian antithesis is desperate about a chances that Arab League monitors now visiting a nation can hindrance President Bashar al-Assad’s 9-month crackdown on anti-government protest, activists pronounced on Saturday. There is tiny faith in a ability of a tiny spectator group from associate Arab states to move about a withdrawal...
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Iran proposes new chief talks with universe powers (AP)

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran has due a new turn of talks about a argumentative arch module with a 6 universe powers, a country’s tip arch adjudicator pronounced Saturday. Saeed Jalili pronounced he has rigourously called on a 6 powers — a United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany — to lapse to a...
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World rings in 2012 and bids adieu to a tough year (AP)

SYDNEY – Glittering fireworks in a shapes of butterflies, hearts and a cascading rapids exploded over Sydney’s Harbour Bridge on Sunday as entertaining revelers welcomed 2012 and bid a sap adieu to a year injured by healthy disasters and mercantile turmoil. More than 1.5 million people swarming onto yachts and along a shores of...
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Obama carefree for some-more mercantile swell in 2012 (AP)

HONOLULU – Reflecting on a severe year, President Barack Obama says he’s anticipating for some-more mercantile swell following movement by Congress to forestall taxation increases during a start of 2012. “It was good to see members of Congress do a right thing for millions of operative Americans,” pronounced Obama, regulating his weekly radio and...
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In a switch, Paul ignores the media (Politico)

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — Neglect by the mainstream media is so central to Ron Paul’s identity that his campaign uses it to raise money. But as his surging poll numbers in Iowa have drawn scrutiny to his incendiary newsletters, reporters are complaining that Paul is now the one ignoring the mainstream media. It’s been...
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Perry campaign plays blame game (Politico)

DES MOINES – With a revamped message and a significant TV presence here, Rick Perry is hoping to revive his disappointing presidential campaign with a surprise finish Tuesday. But even as they hold out hope that Perry can find a way back into contention, some of his advisers have begun laying the groundwork to...
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