2017 Ram ProMaster City in Two Extravagant Options

Some buyers decided to purchase 2017 Ram ProMaster City because of some reasons. First reason is that Ram ProMaster City has payload and cargo space that is the best in its class. The handling of this ride is like car’s handling and this vehicle has awesome fuel economy. But some other people changed their decision to purchase this vehicle because of several reasons including the road noise, quirky looks, and balky transmission. What about you? Are you going to buy this ride or purchase another one?

Actually, 2017 Ram ProMaster City is not specifically designed for family but for business like plumbers, painters, and florists who need or want delivery or cargo van with no fuel consumption, heft, and size. There are some trim levels and configurations of Ram ProMaster City, there are Tradesman that is available in two forms, Base form and SLT. Tradesman is cargo van that doesn’t have rear side seats or windows. Then there is Wagon that is available also in SLT and Base. Wagon has windows and seats for passengers. Tradesman is work van that comes in small package.

Beautiful 2017 Ram ProMaster City Performance

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2017 Ram ProMaster City has some rivals including Chevrolet City Express, Ford Transit Connect, and Nissan NV200. Besides the revise lighting belong to gear lever and the additional reflectors there is no change was made to latest ProMaster City. Like the competitors of ProMaster City, this ride is cost effective and smart choice. Its fuel efficiency is better than its competitors. The fuel efficiency will reduce the operating costs. Actually, ProMaster City is Fiat Doblo’s redesigned version. The design of ProMaster City is not so special. It is smaller boxy van that is mated with front end that is from compact crossover.

Under the hood of 2017 Ram ProMaster City there is 2.4 liter inline-4 engine from Chrysler that generates 178 horsepower. The entire models of ProMaster City have four wheel driving system and they have nine speed automatic transmission. Driving ProMaster City is like driving small car since it is also responsive. Ram didn’t design this new ProMaster City to be a luxury ride but the interior of this vehicle is well laid and comfortable with good space to put some items like drinks and clip boards.

2017 Ram ProMaster City Models and Body Styles

If you’re looking for something you’ll use only to work, 2017 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman whether SLT or Base is ideal for you. But if you need to carry some people with you then you may need the Wagon either SLT or Base that has more spaces and more windows for extra persons. Width of this ride’s cargo is 60.4 inches, the best in its class. This cargo can accommodate up to 132 cubic feet. New ProMaster City is completed with some perfect safety features including electronic stability control, knee airbag for the driver, and side curtain airbags.

2017 Ram ProMaster City is also completed with parking sensors and rearview camera unfortunately there is no auto emergency braking. Compared to the Base model the SLT model has nicer upholstery and upgraded wheels. Some equipment including towing accessories, graphics packages, and special roof rack systems, also cargo partitions are available for commercial users. On Wagon SLT model there is 5 inched infotainment systems with touchscreen technology.

Awesome 2017 Ram ProMaster City Van

Both Tradesman and Wagon of 2017 Ram ProMaster City come with standard features that are including telescope or tilt steering wheel, halogen headlamps, air conditioning, basic Chrysler infotainment system with four audio speakers, and USB port. The SLT trim gets more comprehensive features; those features will be yours when you pay $1525. The optional packages will include 5.0 inched touchscreen that will control media hub that has TomTom navigation, auxiliary connections, internet connectivity, and Bluetooth.

Base model of 2017 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman cargo van starts at $24,125 while the Base model or 2017 ProMaster City Wagon starts at $25,125. Before purchasing this van you must think about what you need seriously then adjust the van with your needs. Purchase the packages if only you think you really need them, not only because you want them. Pick model of ProMaster City and its packages that match your business.

Ram ProMaster City

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