Choosing the Best Leather for Your Leather Cardigan

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When it comes to buying leather outerwear, the leather cardigan makes one of the most popular choices aside from the classic leather cardigan jacket and coat. As for today, we will share some important things related to this particular leather attire, especially if it’s your first leather shopping. Whether it is the leather cardigan mens or women you’re looking for, the tips below will be highly useful as we will focus our attention on the choice of leathers and what makes a high quality leather outerwear. Read on.

Types of Material for Leather Cardigan

As we all know, when it comes to shopping for leather outfit, quality always matters. The quality of your leather cardigan will be reflected by its material. However, we do not say that there is the best leather type, since the options vary and every type of leather has its own characteristics and strengths—and bear in mind that we do not include the corrected, faux leather as part of our discussion today. Here is a breakdown of different leather types.

Cowhide is probably the most common choice of leather used in leather cardigan, jackets, and coats. It is widely available and less expensive. However, apart from those qualities, cowhide is also durable, tough, and resistant to dirt and water. Hence, cowhide provides a great protection, making it an ideal and favorite choice among motorcycle riders. The only lowdown with the cowhide leather is most likely its stiff texture, which may require you a long time for the leather to wear. In general, cowhide is accepted widely as a recommended choice for affordable leather outerwear, especially with its stylishly casual appeal and matte finish.

In terms of durability and ruggedness, bison leather cardigan makes a great alternative to cowhide. However, bison is also remarkable for its natural grain patterning—something that cowhide does not have in general. This adds an earthy texture and rich look to the bison leather cardigan sweater. The grain is also thick, allowing bison leather as an ideal choice as material for protective motorcycle gear as well.

But if the supple leather is what you prefer, then the deerskin will make an ideal choice for you. In fact, deerskin is not only recommended for leather cardigan, jackets, and coats, but they are also usually used to produce leather handbags and gloves. Deerskin is wonderfully supple. It can get softer and softer in every wear, making it a wonderful choice for you who prefer the similar durability and toughness the cowhide offers, but with a more elegant and softer feel.

Deerskin, however, is not the only softer leather than cowhide. There is goatskin that is also a beautiful all-around leather choice with lighter, more flexible, and softer characteristics compared to cowhide. Goatskin leather cardigan, jackets, and coats are also very durably and will age beautifully—many say that goatskin gets even more beautiful after years of wear than when it is still new. This type of leather is pretty supple and has the lovely pebble grain. Aside from the use for fashion purpose, goatskin is also employed as material for the A-2 and G-1 flights jackets for the Air Force and Navy.

In terms of wearability, suppleness, and softness, it seems like nothing can fare as best as lambskin. Lambskin leather cardigan will delight you with its beautiful material that shows a luxurious texture. This type of leather is also known for being quite versatile; it can work equally in a chic leather jacket with cropped cut or in an elegant full coat. Just like goatskin, lambskin is also remarkable for its lightness—in fact, lambskin is very lightweight. If you are looking for a leather outerwear you can wear comfortable year-round, then lambskin will make an investment worth to make.

Those are the most common types of leather often found to make a beautiful leather cardigan, coat, or jacket. Since quality and durability will be the prominent aspects you seek after when investing your money for a leather outerwear, it’s clear that the fake leather is a big no. While faux leather may give you the look, its beauty is still far cry compared to the genuine one, not to mention the durability and quality.


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