How to Wear Pink Jacket in Style for Some Occasions

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There are several design styles of jacket, so is the pink jacket. This means that every jacket design style, such as motorcycle jacket, coat, blazer, etc. is available in pink. Mostly, the jacket with pink color is used by women. Here are some examples and inspirations of how to style the jacket in this color.

How to Style Pink Jacket

If you are planning to go out with your motorcycle jacket, here are some tips that you can apply. You can match the pink jacket with some kinds of fashions including dark jeans, white T-shirt, black pumps, patterned skirt, shirt, and so on. The simplest one is having the pink jacket outfit with black jeans and pumps. For the top, you can complete this outfit with darker pink t-shirt with V-neck style. Sweater is also a good idea in winter. It gives you warmer experience.

You can also have your pink jacket combined with floral printed skirt. Knee length floral skirt with green and pink touches will be great to match the jacket. For the top, green shirt will be great. It should be darker than the green on the skirt. Flat shoes will make you appear more beautiful. Again, darker green is also applied by the footwear. Then, complete the outfit with a pink handbag. Don’t forget to look cooler with your black sunglasses. It will be a simple yet attractive finishing.

Building an outfit with a pink coat seems to be easier. You can simply combine two color tones for simple and elegant look. The best color to work with your pink jacket is black. This means that you can combine the coat, which can be a trench coat, with black jeans. Boots are perfect for the footwear, but black heels are also acceptable. Black t-shirt is for the top. Decorate the top with a necklace. You can wear this outfit by setting up the built in belt or let the coat open. Black sunglasses can be a surprising finishing.

What about the outfit with pink blazer? This kind of pink jacket is a good alternative that offers you two options of outfit, formal and casual. If you plan to have a bit formal look, you can combine the blazer with a shirt. It is good to have plain white shirt. It can be with decorative lace. Ribbon tie is a creative addition for the decorative statement. You can wear the blazer to cover this top, or just put it on the shirt. Flat shoes are good for the footwear. This pair of shoes should be in black to meet the black skinny jeans. Pink, white and black are a good combination for any outfit.

You can also combine the pink blazer with a dress. Knee length dress in black will be excellent to work with this pink jacket. Black and white tones are presented with the bag and footwear. With the same color combination, pink, white and black, one will also look cool. Pale pink jacket blazer will be also great to meet white t-shirt. Because the top already looks pale, you need something vibrant and bold. Complete the outfit with black floral patterned short skirt. You will look so sexy with it.

Pink tweed jacket is another impressive idea for a hangout outfit. You can combine it with white tank top. The patterned pink jacket will be nice to meet hot pink dress pants. The patterned and plain pink accents are good to combine. For more impressive look, go with some more color accents. Brown is represented with the leather handbag and violet is for the pumps. Then, finish with dark brown sunglasses.

Dark pink jacket is another idea to create an imposing outfit. You can simple blend it with white dress or skirt. Decorative shawl with pattern can be a nice addition. Leather hand bag, red pumps will complete the outfit. On the other hand, you can replace the skirt with the top, which can be white shirt, with a floral patterned dress with decorative belt. The pink jacket will offer a great cover while matching the red pumps and handbag. Whether the jacket is closed or opened, you will look pretty awesome with this outfit.


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