Some Ideas about Black Leather Waistcoat: Take Them in Mind

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Waistcoat comes from history when it was firstly worn for men’s everyday wear in 17th century. It was integrated by the King Charles II. While in current days, this sleeveless article is used to match any suit. It can be combined with the existing dress, such as shirt and necktie. This combination of the waistcoat, shirt and necktie shows a formal outfit. In fact, waistcoat has various designs and has been popularly worn for everyday outfit that means it is also possible to wear it for a casual outfit. One of popular waistcoats is the black leather waistcoat.

In the development, contrast colored waistcoat was popular in 19th century. Contrast colors combination between the waistcoat and the suit was commonly applied. This way of wearing the waistcoat is still acceptable now. For example, one can wear black leather waistcoat to blend with the white shirt and black trousers. However, there are more varied colors of leather waistcoat that enables one to have more than just black and white combination. For formal appearance, some simple tones such as gray and black, dark and light blue, and so on, will be perfect.

As presented by the Prince Albert, muted colored waistcoats are applied. This idea was to accentuate the wearer’s body shape as the focal point not to present certain impressive colorful waistcoat as the focal point. At that moment, black leather waistcoat was better than orange or blue waistcoat. Moreover, black color tone can hides the potbelly of the wearer making a slimmer look. In addition to the color, the size of the leather waistcoats for men was also an important feature. They should be designed in a tight size to perfectly fit the body shape.

On the other hand, it is common for the men wearing waistcoat to not fasten the bottom button. This custom was set by the King Edward VII between the late 19th century and early 20th century. It was fabled that the King Edward Vii let the last button open. It was to keep his vest from riding up when he was riding a horse. Because the king was fashionable, then some followers copied his style by keeping their bottom button unfastened. This custom is still kept for current days when a man wears a black leather waistcoat.

The popularity of waistcoat, including the black leather waistcoat was decreasing after the World War II. It was because of the fabric rationing and the influx of casual daily outfit. Then, people stopped buying waistcoats. Then, in modern era, Americans find that mens black leather waistcoats are important as the accessory or the men’s outfit. Even, waistcoat was also work by women. This accessory was commonly worn as business suit.

Modern black leather waistcoat is designed with a full vertical opening. It is supported with either buttons or snaps. The numbers of the buttons or snaps are based on the particular waistcoat. Mostly, modern style waistcoat is with two or three buttons. It is different from jacket that may go with zipper or buttons as another option. Waistcoat must feature some buttons to fasten.

Talking about the current design of black leather waistcoat, there are two primary types to consider. They are single-breasted and double-breasted. The single breasted waistcoat is more popular with the double breasted one. It is because the single design offers classic loon and timeless style. It is also easy to wear. On the other hand, the double breasted type is more complex so that it takes more time to set and wear. The more important thing is that both of the styles are acceptable for additions to a traditional style three piece men’s suit.

In order to comfortably wear the black leather vest for men, there are some tips that you need to take. For the most comfort, the black leather waistcoat should fit your body. Then, for an impressive look, it should be combined with contrast colored suits. However, you may also select the muted colored waistcoat to strengthen your body as the focal point. You should not complete the waistcoat with belt, but suspender. And lastly, maintain it well by not washing it in washing machine. Professional dry clean is recommended for you.


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