Velvet Jacket: How to Choose and How to Wear

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There are many things to do with velvet jacket. You can appear casually and formally with this stuff. However, before you think about how to wear mens velvet jacket in style, it is wise for you to see how you should find the best jacket to complete your wardrobe investment. Here we also have some tips in choosing the right jacket. Check them out!

How to Choose Velvet Jacket

There are some things to do and to avoid in selecting the velvet jacket. First, you should look for the jewel tones, grays and blacks. Print and pattern will look garish. There are several types of the jacket that you need to select, from the smoking jacket to the colored jacket. For the finest quality fabric, smoking velvet jacket will be a great choice. However, if you want to appear distinctively, go with the colored jacket. It can be in blue, red, gray, black, gold, and so on.

How to Wear Velvet Jacket

For formal occasion, there are some rules in wearing velvet jacket. You better wear the black velvet jacket because it looks simple yet elegant. In addition, black is an ultimate color for a formal event. But if you have less formal event, some other colors are acceptable. You better have earthy colors such as moss green, brown, and red. However, midnight blue and dark purple will be also great. They are good to meet the shirt and trousers.

The rules of having this velvet jacket for formal occasion is to keep it taut, trim, and slim. It is a good dinner jacket because velvet can add plush look to the standard tuxedo. The main tip of wearing this formal jacket is to wisely select the right fabric. The better the fabric, the more elegant you will look. Besides, consider also the silhouette. Pair the jacket with bow tie. Of course, the tie should be in the same color as the jacket color. This will be a nice touch for the white shirt.

For European style, you can go with velvet jacket in simplicity. Layering is a good idea for this style. You can go with the dapper smoking jacket that is paired with your flat roll neck. This will make the colored velvet impressive. You can also combine sweater with the jacket. Europeans love to wear sweater, indeed and it can be a good statement of the style. Consider sapphire blue or rich red for an elegant outfit look. Go big but light with scarves.

It is easy to wear velvet jacket for casual events. You should not think hard with the casual, because this jacket automatically adds an improvement to your casual outfit. Place the jacket over street look. It works well with jeans. Combine them and complete with plain tees. If you want to create a super sports-luxe, complete with white sneakers or stark. This jacket is also good to wear during winter. Wear the bigger velvet and go with a topcoat layer. You should also consider tweedy waistcoats and knit sweaters. Denim shirt is also a great choice to meet velvet in winter.

It is also possible for you to wear the velvet for a work outfit. Even, velvet is recommended due to its workable when worn in the office. It will build a corporate dress code. For an exemplary outfit with velvet jacket for office, you can combine the velvet with crisp white shirt and business tie for extra texture. Remember to not have the shirt with any pattern and print. Your jacket should be ultra fitted and matched with your wool trousers. For more liberal look, go with super radical corduroy or cotton chinos. Wow!

Dandy man is another popular outfit style that can be also completed with velvet jacket. Just go with the vibrant colored velvet. Rose, yellow or mint will be great for a super dandy look. Alternatively, you can also take the trendy jacquard brocade for a bold stately black accent. Let the pattern and plush fabric peacock. If you go with printed shirt, combine it with the plain velvet jacket. Rich blue and forest green are the best options for the plain velvet. The absence of the pattern on the velvet will lead to a perfect dandy look.


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