What to Consider about Cropped Jacket with Exemplary Outfits

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Cropped jacket is one of the most versatile jackets that can go easily with casual look and dressier look. Yes, it is a jacket, but the cropped design style makes it possible to have the similar function to cardigan. Thus, it is good to meet any top, dress, jeans, skirt, and so on. It will be a good alternative to overloaded cardigans. When compared to blazer, it looks more playful because there is no need to button up this jacket.

What to Consider about Cropped Jacket

The following tips in wearing cropped jacket will make you more confident with your current condition of your body. This type of jacket, whether it is cropped denim jacket or cropped leather jacket, will be suitable for any types of the body such as tall with long arms, short waist, bottom heavy, tummy or wide shoulders. These tips will be ended with some ideas in selecting what to combine with the jacket.

If you are tall and have long arms, you should simply select the cropped jacket with full sleeves. If you don’t care about this selection, you will have the jacket look small and shrunken on you. This is a big problem! If you have short waist or torso, this jacket is like a grant from above. However, when it is not carefully selected and worn, it can be a blunder because it overemphasizes your shorter waist. Thus, you need to choose the monochromatic pieces underneath the jacket. This is a smart idea to make your torso look longer.

If you have bottom heavy or a pear body shape, you should make sure that the cropped jacket does not bypass your waist that should be strengthened. Just avoid the jacket which is too boxy that can lead to a very square, wide and squat look. This will be different if you have a tummy. What to consider is that the sleeves length and the hem should not end at the same position. This commonly happens in the jacket with ¾ sleeves. So, avoid the jacket with this shorter sleeves size.

Wide shoulders or big bust require special treatment. Commonly, cropped jacket has shortening effect on the top part of the body. To cover your wide shoulders, you better go with a jacket that has lower stance because it can make a slim look. Alternatively, you need to select the jacket with shape at the waist. However, if you already have a jacket with high closure, you better to not button it.

What to Wear with Cropped Jacket

There are plenty of ideas in creating a stunning outfit with cropped jacket, but we have three main ideas for work, with dress and for casual look. The first example of the outfits is one of the cropped jacket for dresses that you should consider. For work outfit, jacket can add a professional finish that can’t be offered by cardigan. You can go with a black knee length dress. It can be simply covered with a white jacket. Complete it with a pair of cream heels and blue leather handbag. To add more professional finish, go with earrings. The earrings should be in blue, matching the handbag color.

The next idea of cropped jacket outfit with dress is applicable when you will go with maxi dress. It is a good idea to be worn for a party. You may have a black maxi dress. Black is a good color tone to represents elegance, indeed. Then, cover it with a white jacket. Actually, the jacket can be also replaced with cardigan. Take the white jacket for a beautiful contrast tone. Glossy sandal wedges will be good footwear. Black leather handbag completes the outfit with luxury touch. Then, finish it with earrings and bracelet to strengthen its elegant and luxury look.

For a casual outfit, you can combine jacket with a loose top. The flowy top can look relaxing and fun and it is perfect for casual outfit. However, this top can be also boxy and not recommended for an apple silhouette. Open cropped jacket will be an excellent cover. Orange top and white jacket are a good pair of the top. Dark blue jeans and black heels will be a good completion. Don’t forget to finish with handbag. Black leather handbag is a good idea.


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