Baking Potato Fries with Sweet Potato Recipes

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Almost all people in this world once tasted a snack called potato fries. Thus, many restaurants and food stalls offer this snack since then it is classified as favorite snacks for people around the world. You can just try to find out the snack around you. You will find the restaurant where serve the snack. As you ask how it can happen, the key answer is associated with the taste of the snack. In general potato fries utilized sweet potato recipes. It is possible for you to find various tastes of potato fries. In addition, the texture is relatively crunchy.

Sweet potato recipes have been learnt by many people around the world. As you consider about the potential culinary business, you can decide to pick this snack as your offer. The reason is that this snack has been familiar among many people. Thus, to sell this snack is quite potential. In addition, besides learning about the recipes, they also develop the recipes of this snack. Here probably you will find that potato recipes in different places have different tastes. It is such a great idea to create the recipes according to each local preference.

As you try to seek sweet potato recipes on some references, commonly they will discuss about sweet potato recipes fries. To cook potato fries is quite easy. You do not need to own special techniques and also sophisticated cooking equipment. In addition, the ingredients which are required to cook are simple and accommodative.

Thus, it is reasonable if many people consider cooking this snack with sweet potato recipes on their own. Besides you can save some money, you can also serve the simple snack which is delighted by many people in this world and fresh from the oven. In addition, you can decide how much you should cook based on your needs.

There are various sets to cook potato fries with sweet potato recipes. Most of them merely just involve the frying step. However, as try to search for more besides sweet potato recipes frying pan, you will find another simple step to cook potato fries. You can start cooking the potato fries with baking step. For some of you, probably it seems questionable, but it has been practiced and tastes delicious. For those who have not tried to cook this snack in baking step, you can utilize your microwave to serve it in different way. It is relatively creative to serve potato fries with baking step. Instead, you do not need to change the name of the snack since it has been widely popular.

One of the potato fries which you can try is Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries. With sweet potato recipes, you can serve the potato fries which feel crunchy, salty-sweet, and spicy if you want. Sweet potato fries are likely to be your new favorite food since you can just adjust the taste according to the preference. Here you are lucky since you are about to learn on how to cook it. The ingredients are relatively simple and the instructions are super easy to understand and to practice.

Potato Fries with Sweet Potato Recipes


  • Sweet potatoes. You can set one for each individual.
  • Corn starch. You can pick a big sprinkle.
  • Olive oil in few tablespoons. You can stop pouring as it is enough to coat the fries.
  • Spices, pepper, and salt. You can add other matters such as curry powder, paprika, pepper, or garlic.

Cooking Instructions:

  1. First of all, you can heat the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Then into fry-shaped pieces, cut the potatoes after you have certainly peeled. It is recommended for you to cut them with the similar sizes in order the result is good.
  2. Into a plastic bag or a mixing bowl, you can put uncooked fries. Add cornstarch and pour olive oil in couple of tablespoons. Then you just add the seasons such as pepper, spice, and salt. Per potato you use a half of teaspoon. You can shake them all.
  3. Onto a dark baking sheet, you can directly pour the fries. You can just arrange the fries in a single layer and it is better for you not set them too close. In this case, they will not be crispy.
  4. You can bake for a quarter hour and you can flip your fries to cook on overall sides. You can use a metal spatula.
  5. Wait until 15 minutes more until you consider that the fries are crispy. You do not to worry if it looks brown since it will taste caramelized. Your sweet potato recipes are done

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