Sweet and Fresh Low Fat Recipes for Summer

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So many people got problems with their health. Some of them got health problem because of genetic factor while many other people got problem because of their unhealthy life style. The health problem that is caused by the unhealthy lifestyle can be avoided by changing the life style. We are always suggested to consume healthy foods, get enough rest, and do regular exercises. Now, we’d love to show you the healthiest low fat recipes that will keep you healthy. The recipe you’ll see below is not just healthy for you but is also tasty at the same time.

One of many healthy and easy to make low fat recipes is summer salsa recipe. This salsa recipe is a special and different recipe. This sweet salsa is perfect to complement your summer. Besides, this sweet summer salsa requires you to use the healthiest ingredients like the red onion, sugar, red pepper, black beans, white corn, rice wine vinegar, and many other healthy ingredients. Don’t worry; we’ll share the complete ingredients and how to make the sweet summer salsa on some paragraphs below.

Ingredients of Easy Low Fat Recipes Summer Salsa

Before making the sweet summer salsa that will refresh your summer, you need to prepare the entire ingredients and tools you will need to make the sweet summer salsa. Make an ingredients list and then write down everything we listed here on the list. Then you’ll be ready to follow the instructions to make sweet summer salsa based on our low fat recipes. Here are the ingredients for sweet summer salsa.

  • 10 ounce or 2 cans of white sweet corn
  • 5 ounce or 1 can of black beans
  • ½ of red onion (chop the red onion)
  • 1 of red pepper (chop this red pepper)
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of the rice wine vinegar
  • Salt (we need this to taste the sweet summer salsa, use this ingredient of low fat recipes according to your desire)

Now, once you have prepared the ingredients to make the sweet summer salsa, you need to prepare the time so that you can finish preparing the sweet summer salsa on time and you won’t make your family starving because of waiting for you to make the low fat food. Luckily, this kind of low fat recipes only needs ten minutes to be done. Here are the methods to make the sweet summer salsa based on our quick low fat recipes.

  1. Prepare a big bowl and plastic spatula to stir the sweet summer salsa
  2. Put the sugar, red pepper, red onion, black beans, and white sweet corn into the large bowl and mix them
  3. And then pour the rice wine vinegar into the large bowl
  4. Stir the ingredients until they are evenly mixed
  5. Season your sweet summer salsa with salt

Since this sweet summer salsa doesn’t contain any meats from chicken or beef, this sweet summer salsa is truly healthy for you, for children, and for the elderly. Besides, the taste of sweet summer salsa that is light will be really nice and refreshing for summer. But this is not a nice recipe for dinner. If you want a healthy low fat dinner, read our tips below about the right method to cook low fat recipes.

Healthy Methods for Low Fat Recipes for Dinner

There are so many cooking techniques to make your dinner. But not all of them are healthy. Frying for example, is not a healthy cooking technique since it will add more fat to your dinner. But some other cooking techniques are not dangerous for your healthy dinner. For example, some low fat recipes that are using broiling cooking technique are good for your dinner. Broiling is a good cooking technique because this won’t require you to use oil.

Broiling is a nice technique to cook meats like the chicken cutlets, fish, and pork in thin cuts. Before cooking the meats for dinner and the other low fat recipes with broiling technique, you may want to add some taste to your meats first by marinating the meat or glaze it. To cook your meat or other foods with broiling technique you will need to use broiler pan and its two parts including the slotted tray with the pan where the tray will rest on.


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