6 Potential Nintendo Video Game Characters for Film Adaptation

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Film adaptation is not always from novels or comics, but it can be also from games. Nintendo, a video game company, provides some games that will be adapted into some great movies. Everyone loves and appreciates the stable and powerful characters created in the games. Luckily, some rumors reveal that the Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishimma, is in some negotiations with some numbers of studios to show their popular characters in a big screen.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular characters in Nintendo. It has actually been adapted into animated series in comic books, but seemed to face a failure. Once the rumor about the film adaptation based on this franchise, people gave good response. Another popular franchise is Metroid. In fact, Metroid has significant influences from Alien film franchise. This means that it is ready for a film adaptation.

Super Mario Bros. is the legend of Nintendo game. In fact, it has been filmed, but this does not mean that the other filming is not possible. Nintendo gamers and moviegoers are waiting for the new film adaptation based on this extremely popular game character. Punch Out is another popular game that should be transformed into a film. It may be a bit unusual that sports game is adapted into a film, but when it comes into reality, the storyline must be surprising.

Kid Icarus is another well-known franchise because it is already 30 years from its debut in 1986. Till now, you can only find this character only in video game, neither in comics nor film. If you know Clash of the Titans movie, the film will probably be just like that. Mario Kart is as popular as Super Mario Bros and it is expected to come into the theaters. In fact, there is a positive discussion about inviting this game into the screen and everybody will love it.

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