7 Characters to Complete Harley Quinn Spinoff Movie

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Is this your expectation to see the film adaptation of Harley Quinn? This beautiful character that you find in comic book and video game will finally debut in Suicide Squad, in August. The current news tells that Warner Bros is processing a Harley Quinn centered spinoff movie. Who will play for that character? WB was seeing Margot Robbie to take this position. In this film, Harley will not be the only star since some other DC female characters including heroes and villains will also join the film.

Batgirl will be one of the characters taken for the Harley Quinn Spinoff film. She will fit excellently the story because she has tangled with Harley Quinn several times both in some media, including the comic book. She deserves some clashes with Harley. Poison Ivy is the other character to play with Harley. We all know that Harley and Ivy are best friends in crime. They hang out sometimes together and commit heists in the other times together. Most movie goers predict that Ivy will be the best villainess that works alongside Harley.

Who does not know Black Canary? She is one of the Batgirl’s teammates you can find in the comic book. Unfortunately, it is not clear enough whether she will be included in the Harley Spinoff film or not. The rumor shows that if her appearance in Justice League: Part One is well received, she will be called to join the film. Huntress is also expected to appear in this film. There are two versions of Huntress you can find in comics and Helena Bertinelli has better chance than Helena Wayne in taking the cast.

Catwoman is the oldest enemy of Batman. In addition to Poison Ivy, it is understandable that Catwoman will play along with Harley since he is a nice villainess. Katana is another member of DCEU’s Suicide Squad. However, she comes not as criminal. She will have some roles in the film, including helping Harley and saving Rick Flagg. You should also not to skip the most recognizable villain, Cheetah that may also join the film.

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