Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Movie Review

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When it comes to the Valentine’s Day and there is romantic movie, you will be surprised that that movie is based on the favorite thing of Cupid in the world, romance and love story movie. It is Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. It follows a beautiful and young American Chinese toy designer who comes from Long Angeles, named Ruby starred by Jamie Chung. When she visits Hong Kong, actually it is the first time for her, she finds that she is stranded, getting lost and she knows nowhere. Then, the romance begins when she meets a man there.

There comes a man named Josh who is starred by Bryan Greenberg. He is an American expat who offers her around the city in the night. Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong offers a full of chemistry and possibility starting from that meeting. They don’t know, both Josh and Ruby that they will run to each other one more time. It is a little over one year from that night that they have met for the first time. And, just like people always say, who knows what is going on next.

Throughout Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the audience will see two people who have kind of chemistry and obvious connection. People might find themselves rooting for those two who are up till Josh finally drops truth bomb which makes you almost lose all of the respect for him. After entire night that they have spent together, Josh admits and tells to Ruby that he is actually now in a relationship with someone. That is the reason why at that night, on the very first meeting and date, they then separate. They never plan to see one another again.

It can be said then that there is a coincidence. Two of them then run into Hong Kong one more time in a boat, ferry boat over one year later. This is unique as they are lead by kind of déjà vu when two of them decide to hang out in the night, on one night. But again, they are now more cautious since they are both in a relationship. However, again, in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Josh and Ruby have amazing night and they two realize it.

The night is very amazing that they two consider their own relationship. When it happens, suddenly Ruby drops a bomb for Josh. She tells the worst fact that she is not only in a relationship, but she is engaged already. How is that for the twist? Now, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s audience has a problem that they find their relationship will end on that night or will last forever. It is actually confusing because for some audience, he final ending has unnecessary cliffhanger.

Some people believe that Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong ends with that kind of cliffhanger ending because of the benefit for the franchise, for the TV series as well. And you, as the audience might feel that that kind of cliffhanger will only make you use the thought and brain cells just like Inception by Christopher Nolan. When it comes to love story movie, or romance, there has been coming a sort of endings which leads to the cliffhanger ending.

And just like other romance and love story movie, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong has no conclusion in the end of it. It makes audience feel like watching two night date which had no close ending. But it is good as well for people as they can think critically and it asks them to have their own conclusion based on their understanding. When it comes to the acting, this movie has its own way in presenting that the protagonist, Ruby and Josh, have made a great acting.

This movie is directed by Emily Ting which really does well in making the audience feel what those characters feel at that moment. The acting from those characters is very natural and decent. The choice of the cast, Jamie Chung, for this movie is very extremely absolutely as star for Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. This movie has lot of promises and it keeps the audience wanting to know where at last the main characters’ relationship will lead but even after the movie ends. If you were in that kind of situation, you would surely say “I hope I can be with you forever and I don’t want this night end.” Will you feel the same? Why not watching this romance?


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