Bad Boys III (2017)

It has been obvious that these years and the next years, the superhero, bad action, and vigilantes have had a place in the cinema world. The list will be so complete with the arrival of the Bad Boys III. A pair of badass cop is just making it so right. It is because the vigilantes, superheroes and comic characters are just so bad. With the badness, they then are able to diminish the criminals. But without cops, it will also never be that good. That is why the latest franchise of the Bad Boys movie will be arrived in the giant screen soon.

The same with the previous version of the Bad Boys, the Bad Boys III will have the same characters. It will be helmed by Martin Lawrence and also the legendary Will Smith. These two extraordinary people will have really good role as the badass cops. And people know that these guys are just great for the roles. The title will continue the previous installment. It is called as Bad Boys III. The whole thrills from the badass cops which will be the keys of all the badness will all be waited to act in the giant screen from audiences.

Latest News about the Bad Boys III

It is coming all from the new almost a year ago about this Bad Boys III. The announcement of the next sequel of Bad Boys will be available in about the first quarter of 2017. But since it is announced until today, the progress seems so slow. Moreover, there are no exact progresses that the crew and the producer take to develop the movie. It is early scheduled to release at February 17, 2017. But since then, the casts and the directors are going nowhere. It is actually so worrying remembering that the next year is getting closer.

If that date is the agreed date to be the schedule of the Bad Boys III release, then all the productions will be out soon. But actually and it seems obvious that the movie will have the delay. It is coming from the chief of Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. This man when he was attending the honorable guest of the UCLA school of Theater said that the crew is still processing. They are all waiting for the script. If the script is already done, then they will go for further action to produce the movie. Actually that statement is not so promising.

From that point of statement, it seems that the whole production will be ready at the second or third quarter of 2016. That is so obvious since the script can be done in only one or two months. But beyond that script, there are also other kinds of urgent and important things that will make the production will not be going soon. It is the line-up of Will Smith. This guy is already having a contract with the DC Comics on the next sequel of Suicide Squads. The same with the Bad Boys III, he is also rolled as a cop.

The second quarter of 2016 will have Will Smith to deal with the Suicide Squad movie. Directed by David Ayer, he then is also eager to do its next sequel in Suicide Squad 2. That is just what has been said by Warner Bros after looking the success of this Suicide Squad. On that manner, it seems so hard to find a really good time for Will Smith to shoot the third franchise sequel of the Bad Boys in Bad Boys III.

The whole rush to progress the production of the Bad Boys III will be seemingly happen in February. The main actor, Will Smith in that time will be free from any kind of schedule. And it seems that he is ready to deal with the shot. But if February becomes the date for the production, then the release date will be much longer to delay.

Will Smith Will Be the Star?

And the next thing to question about the Bad Boys III is the involvement of Will Smith as the main star. It is already agreed that Will Smith will be back on the latest franchise of the movie but it is not known for the part he is involved. And also, after Michael Bay has really raised the Bad Boys in 1995, he is then taken over by Joe Carnahan in Bad Boys II. But until now, the script is not ready yet. That also makes another possibility that the movie can be back to the old handler, Michael Bay.

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