Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Since the movie blockbuster and box-office is wrapped into some actions, actually there are some celebrations on the drama musical fairy tale’s movie, then it is called as the Beauty and the Beast. Actually last year, there is one really big moment for almost all the fairy tales movie. Last year is the year for the movie remakes. The epic life action from the fairy tales adaptation is already screened last year which are included in the lists of the box-office movies. It is quietly surprising since the fairy tales are not quite familiar and popular in the recent people’s ears.

Reception Prediction

There are many movies which are all adapted from the Disney’s fairy tales cartoons. Last year, we have seen the live-action movie of the Maleficent. That is one really hits on the movie history which are adapted from Disney. Starring Angelina Jolie as the Maleficent, this movie has its own popularity. All the audiences are really satisfied with this movie as an adaptation movie. The same with the success of the Maleficent, the Cinderella which is starred by Lily James, this movie also gives everything inside the movie becomes so much greater and bigger. When the Beauty and the Beast is announced to be released next year, it becomes really viral.

The Casts of the Beauty and the Beast

It will be one of the best nationwide movie blockbusters when the next year Beauty and the Beast are ready to release. The main reason is because the whole story. The story has been known by so many people. From their children until their grandchildren, they all already know what the story is telling about. What makes it becomes more interesting and so attractive is the casts. People who involve in the movie may be one of the most interesting elements in the movie. From what it has been announced, the casts are already fulfilled with such really powerful actors and actresses.

Started from the most seen in the movie, this Beauty and the Beast will be starred by Emma Watson as the Beauty. It is rather surprising actually because this girl has almost everything ahead. She has been lined up for so many movies which will be also hit in the next year. Among those many lined up movies, maybe the Beauty and the Beast becomes the most phenomenal. Overall, it will be so worth to wait since the former star of Harry Potter, Emma Watson, in almost all of their movies has so many in common with the role as beauty.

Companying the star, Emma Watson, there is Dan Stevens which will be The Beast. This new Beauty and the Beast already chooses Stevens as the other main character in the movie since he has such really good performance in the previous movie, like The Fifth Estate, Night at Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and also TV series of Downtown Abbey. Beasts as the one that has so many bad things happened, seems like does not that fit for Stevens since he only get six feet tall. But, there is one modern and sophisticated tool to make it more real called CGI.

After the success of The Hobbit sequels as the dragon-slaying Bard, Luke Evans never stopped his talent to develop. Role as the cruel and villainous in Fast & Furious 6, Shaw, this man is showing their skills in such really many varied ways. For this new Beauty and the Beast, he will be rolled as Gaston. The whole crimson skin with so many ideas to steal his forever love, Belle (Emma Watson), is actually really surprising since Luke should really translate it from the cartoon character into the real-live action medium.

From those stars in the lineup as the starters of the Beauty and the Beast, there is one already and not yet really famous and popular magnificent man. He is the one and only the voice over of the Olaf in Frozen. He is Josh Gad. In this movie, he will be called as Lefou, the supporting actor which will help Gaston to achieve what he wants.

Two other supporting roles will be rolled by Emma Thompson who will be Mrs. Potts and Kevin Kline as Maurice, belle’s father. These two people will have such really minimal role but their existence will be considered as really important. When it is announced that Josh Gad will be one of the lineup, it is obvious that this Beauty and the Beast will be not all-about-drama movie. There will be some comedies inside.

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