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The fans of boxing sports must watch a new movie called Bleed for This. This American movie is categorized in sport, drama, and biography at once. Everyone in United States can start enjoying this movie in 23rd of November in 2016. While waiting for the movie to hit the theaters, we would love to share some details about this movie. First detail is about the creators of Bleed for This movie. Then we will share some other details that will motivate you to watch this boxing movie even though you’re not interested in boxing sports.

Speaking about the creators of Bleed for This, Ben Younger is the director who is also the writer of this movie. Even though Ben Younger is the writer of Bleed for This, the story of this movie comes from Pippa Bianco. The other creators are known as the producers that are including Bruce Cohen, Noah Kraft, Pamela Thur, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, and Chad A. Verdi. Associate producers are the other creators of Bleed for This, the associate producers are including Ben Matthew Empey, Gino Pereira, and Marielle Olentine.

Then there are executive producers that are including Michelle Verdi, Robert Tarini, Martin Scorsese, Joshua Sason, Michael Hansen, and David Gendron. Those creators of Bleed for This work with Zachary Stuart Pontier who takes over the film editing and Larkin Seiple who handles the cinematography. The so called creators are also including the actresses and actors who play the roles or characters of Bleed for This movie. About the actors and actresses of this movie, we would love to share their names below.

Creators of Bleed for This Movie in Front of Cameras

Miles Teller is one of many actors who play for Bleed for This movie. Miles Teller plays Vinny Pazienza while Katey Sagal plays Louise Pazienza. Ciaran Hinds plays Angelo Pazienza and Amanda Clayton plays Doreen Pazienza. The Pazienzas is not the only characters of Bleed for This movie. Some other celebrities who play the roles in this movie are including Aaron Eckhart as Kevin Rooney, Ted Levine as Lou Duva and Jordan Gelber as Dan Duva, Christine Evangelista as Ashley, Kimberly Howe as the friend of Doreen Pazienza, and Tina Casciani as Heather.

In Bleed for This movie there are also many more characters like Gene Amoroso who plays Anthony, Daniel Sauli plays Jon, Tim Fields plays Jimmy, Sully Erna as Sully, Tom DeNucci plays Paulie, Jamal Peters as Roger, Noel Ramos as Bruce Campbell, Chad A. Verdi plays Chad, Sera Verdi as Sera, Denise Schaefer as Leigh, Sonny Saggese as Sony, Jose Antonio Rivera plays Jose, Roy Souza plays Dr. Walter Cotter, Edwin Rodriguez plays Roberto Duran, and many more names we cannot mention here. Find those names at the end of the movie.

Wonderful Story of Bleed for This Movie

Bleed for This is a movie about Vinny Pazienza who is the World Champion Boxer. Vinny Pazienza got fatal car accident and he didn’t know if he could ever walk anymore. But then he comebacks and be a great boxer. This movie will be released on November 2016 in United States. The other fans of boxing sports around the world must be patience in waiting this movie to be distributed to their countries. The creators of this movie film the scenes in United States of America then use those scenes to make remarkable movie.

There are at least four production companies that help producing Bleed for This movie including Younger Than You, Bruce Cohen productions, Magna Entertainment, and Verdi Productions. Then this movie is distributed by Icon Film Distribution to United Kingdom and by Open Road Films to United States of America. Pinema distributes Bleed for This to Turkey while Eagle Films distributes Bleed for This to the other areas outside United States of America.

The production process of Bleed for This movie has been started on 10th of November in 2014 and took place in Warwick in Rhode Island. Then on 10th of December 2014 they continued filming the movie in Lincoln also in Rhode Island specifically at Twin River Casino. Open Road Films already released some magnificent movies like Spotlight that impressed anyone. Seems like Bleed for This will also impress people around the world.

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