Central Intelligence Movie Review

Do you love Spy? It is an action comedy movie that really entertaining and interesting. If you love that kind of movie, you’ll love Central Intelligence movie. This is another action comedy movie from America. The director of this movie is Rawson Marshall Thurber. The script of this movie was written by David Stassen, Ike Barinholtz, and Rawson Marshall Thurber himself. This action comedy movie will be so unique since there will be Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in this movie. To watch this movie we must be patient since this will be launched on 17th June this year.

Since the movie of Central Intelligence is not available yet, we can prepare ourselves by reading the synopsis or plot first. The story of this Central Intelligence movie is about Bob Stone who is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Bob Stones used to be bullied but when he grew up, he became a lethal agent of CIA. In the Central Intelligence movie, Bob Stone comes back home to attend the reunion of his high school. He then meets the Kevin Hart who plays as the ex-“big man on campus”. This big man is now working as an accountant and he misses the glory days. What will happen between them? Watch the movie to get the answer.

Castings of Central Intelligence American Movie

The main lead of this Central Intelligence movie is Bob Stone which is rolled by Dwayne Johnson. Some other characters of this movie will be rolled by Kevin Hart, Aaron Paul, and Amy Ryan. There will be some other characters like Danielle Nicolet who roles Maggie ad Timothy John Smith who roles Agent Nick Green. Sure there are many more characters in this movie but those characters above are the main one. A movie that has too many characters usually is not an interesting movie.

The production of this Central Intelligence movie began in last year. Principal photography started the filming process. And this process began at the end of April 2015. The principal photography took place in various locations in Massachusetts like in Boston, in Burlington, in Lynn, in Middleton, and in Quincy. Then the principal photography was ended in 2015 in July. And the movie of this action comedy will be ready in 17th June 2016. The fans of action comedy movie like Spy must wait for three more months to watch this movie.

Details of This Central Intelligence Movie

This Central Intelligence movie was produced by at least four persons including Michael Fottrell, Paul Young, Peter Principato, and Scott Stuber. The story of this movie was written by David Stassen and Ike Barinholts and the music of this Central Intelligence movie was prepared by Ludwig Goransson and Theodore Shapiro. The cinematography of this movie was handled by Barry Peterson and the editors are Brian Olds and Michael L. Sale. Also this movie was produced by three production companies including Bluegrass Films, New Line Cinema, and Principato-Young Entertainment.

This 2016 American movie in action comedy genre will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures to the entire United States of America. And Universal Pictures will distribute this Central Intelligence movie internationally. Since this is American movie, the language that will be used in this movie is English, the international language.

Why Watching Central Intelligence Movie

Is there any benefit of watching action comedy movies like the Central Intelligence movie? Sure there is. Comedy movie will make you laugh and it is the best treatment for your mind and stress. The best treatments for stress are laughing. That’s why people who suffer stress are suggested to hang out with friends who can make them laugh. And watching the Central Intelligence movie which is comedy is also another great way to treat stress.

Many people said that “laughter is best medicine”. That is really true. After watching comedy movies like the upcoming Central Intelligence movie, you will be able to go to sleep with smile instead of frown. And this will ease you to get more peaceful sleep. If you fulfill your laughter daily dose, you will be able to deal with anything in fresher perspective. Since you shouldn’t get addicted to watch television, watching comedy movie sometimes will be nice treatment and Central Intelligence movie will be the best solution.

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