Dark Universe: The Mummy (2017)

Dark Universe: The Mummy will be the next movie in the list of the remaking. As people know, the Mummy has been in the sarcophagus in such really long time. It is more than ten years ago when the mummy is started to release. But then, the present day will be different. Universal is now decided to go for the remaking movie of the old and dust the mummy, which was hit in that year. The formula will be different since it will be all based on the present day. But the rumors are still going.

Film Remake

It is known that the remaking is already done by Marvel Studios. The company has decided to go further for more spin-offs something like remaking the latest version of their superheroes movie. The universal is then copying that formula. The company is already decided to go for the remaking. They already have so many classic movie monsters. They want to create and produce their all reboots. The stories are so varied. And among those so many great classic monster movies, the Dark Universe: The Mummy will be the choice to start the rebooting ideas.

And from the latest news, thing that is going on the Dark Universe: The Mummy reboot is so surprising. The star is what it makes become so hit. It is coming from one of the most famous new seeker, Variety. One of those pages said that the Universal has reached an agreement with Tom Cruise. The company has decided to make Tom Cruise as the main character in the movie. That decision seems so right since the movie will be the first rebooting movie. That is why it needs such kind of lift to make it more powerful. Tom Cruise is expected to help launching the first movie of Universal Monsters Cinematic universe.

News Going on the Movie Production

For the starting line-ups for the Dark Universe: The Mummy movie, Alex Kurtzman becomes the captain. He is the one that will write all the script. This man has been in such really great carrier since he is able to write the Star Trek, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and also Transformers. But in the work of scriptwriting, Alex will not be alone. He will be assisted with the co-scribe of the Wanted and Fast and Furious movie, Chris Morgan. They will develop the movie as the one stand-alone movie. And in the next, there will be the future of the entire converging mega cross-over movie where all the monsters come into one single giant screen.

It is already seen that the Universal really wants to release the Dark Universe: The Mummy as soon as possible. Recently, John Spaihts and Alex Kurtzman are already described two versions of the storyline. The first one is the following traditional Mummy and the second one is the involvement of the female character in the movie. With the second more intriguing and more unique story from the female character, the Universal has agreed to take the second version. It will be the new ways on the movie which have been screened previously in 1932 with Boris Karloff as the main actor and 1999 with Arnold Vosloo as the main actor.

As what it has been screened from the previous version of the Dark Universe: The Mummy, the main character will be all bandaged. The monster will be the same as the Mummy. But it will be presented in the present day. Also, it will be so much different with what it can be seen on the Brendan Fraser’s three installments before. Stated by Alex, there will so many stories which will be offered.

The Plot

The storyline of the Dark Universe: The Mummy is still so vogue. There is no exact information about what kind of message and what kind of story that Alex will be offered on the movie. The latest news said that Alex is already denied that the movie will not be an adventure of the Navy Seal called Tyler Colt who have such really big mission to dig in to the dessert.

The Release Date

After it has been such really long discussion, then it is decided that the Dark Universe: The Mummy will be on screen on March 24, 2017. The movie will be the new beginning of all the Universal monster characters. From that movie, the small roles will be seen. The roles like Van Helsing, Bride of Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and the Dracula will be the credit.

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