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Detective Chinatown or in Chinese it is lettered with 唐人街探案 is Chinese comedy mystery film made in 2015 directed by Chen Sicheng. This film was released on December 31, 2015 in China. The main stars are Wang Baoqiang, Tong Liya, Liu Haoran and Chen He. This film is rated at good score with mixed reviews. Whether or not you like this film depends on your preference. It is good to read the review including watch the trailer first before deciding to watch this film since it can be not of your favorite film.


Detective Chinatown is directed by Chen Sicheng. The composer of the music of this film is Nathan Wang. The production companies are Heyi Pictures, WanDa Pictures, MM2 Entertainment and Wuzhou Film Distribution. Then the distribution rights are acquired by Wuzhou Film Distribution. This film was released on 31 December 2015 in China. The duration of the film is 136 minutes. The country is China while the language is Mandarin. In Box Office, it got US$126 million. The story line of the film is like below.


Detective Chinatown tells about a young man who was rejected from being a cop in Police College. Then, this young man, namely Qin Feng, goes to Bangkok just for taking a break. There, he is with his uncle who works as a self-professed detective as well as swindler. The story then becomes quite complicated and little bit interesting since both of them are involved in a murder but they need to prove if they are innocence. Together, they try to solve this case but they need to do it from free-eyes of cops.

Detective Chinatown is an action-packed comedy where the center of the story is on Qin Feng together with Tang Ren, his second cousin. His cousin is a Chinatown’s top detective. Both of them then investigate in deep about a bizarre murder as they become the main suspect in this case. They have an only choice to prove their innocence while they need to escape from the police during the investigation. They see the world against them while they only have seven days to solve this case and prove if they are innocence.

Cast and Crew

Whether or not the players in Detective Chinatown perform well depends on what you see since this film has mixed reviews from critics. The players in this film include Wang Baoqiang, Tong Liya, Liu Haoran, Xiao Yang, Chen He, Pan Yueming, Xiaoshenyang, Zhang Zifeng, Marc Ma and Zhao Yingjun. Actually, both the story and the performances of the players will determine if the film will be interesting to enjoy by audiences. Here, this film may need more improvements if the film maker wants this film has more scores.

For the crews of Detective Chinatown, they include Chen Sicheng as director. Cheng Jiake, Bai He and Liu Kai are the writers of the screenplay of this film. Camera is by Du Jie. The editors of the film are Tang Hongjia and Wang Nan. The composer of the music of the film is Nathan Wong. The production designer is Li Miao. For the art director, it is Li Tong. The set decorator is Chang Lu. For the costume designer, it is Zhang Shijie. The sound is by Dong Xu. Re-recording mixer is Feng Yanming. For the visual effect supervisor is Kim Sung-jae while for the visual effects are by Mofac and Alfred.

Critical Reception

Detective Chinatown may have positive and negative critics from review. For those who give negative critic said that this film is not a worth it film to watch due to the terrible as well as ridiculous story and actions of the players. They suggest not to waste your money on this poor film that takes a shot in Thailand. For those who give positive critics, say that this film is still interesting with the genre, comedy film. At least, they can enjoy the story of the film although it may not what they can expect.

Detective Chinatown is scored by IMDb at 6.7 from 10 and in Rotten Tomatoes gives 75%. It indicates that this film has interesting story and audiences can enjoy this film. If you like the genre including the performances of the actors as well as the country of this film, you may like this film too.

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