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As one of the most appropriate and popular festivals for movies in the world, Sundance Film Festival also put Equity to one of the most wanted movies. Picked by Sony Pictures Classics, Equity seems really boring movie. But that is just what people are seeking these days. The company has reviewed from the previous movie which tells the audiences about the Wall Street phenomenon. Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and also The Big Short are the example of what people really adore for a movie. Those movies are also candidate as the Oscar nominees.

Shockingly, this Equity movie has nothing more than usual names. Anna Gunn is chosen as the main actress in the movie since she is able to raise the Breaking Bad TV series to the peak. The main figure in the movie is called Naomi Bishop. She is the one that has really good position in the Wall Street firm. As the senior investment banker, she is about to launch the IPO into such new high-tech company. It is actually going so well in the beginning. She is about to be confident to launch it since there are some problems right on the eve of the public offering day.

The hurdle is coming from her employee. She has found that she has to overcome what her employee cause to the company. She lost every kind of confidential information. And her employee is the one that has key of everything. In fact, the employee is the one that also has a really good position in that company. It is the machinations of Erin, who is starred by Sarah Megan Thomas. She is the right hand of Naomi. That plot makes the Equity becomes so powerful from the premise.

The Equity is being exciting scene after scene. They have Amy Fox as the screenwriter. It makes what it is called as the big intriguing movie of Wall Street Company. The screenwriter is then supported by such beautiful cinematographer of Eric Lin. Working along with Eric Lin is Diane Lederman as the production designer. They are all behind every scene that happens in the movie, presented in sleek and seductive money of the biggest trading place in the world. On the other side, there is Alexis and Sam as the scoring people. To support these two magnificent people, Clint Mansell, Atticus Ross, and Trent Reznor is duty to bring the music into such really important element.

The story of Equity is getting pretty surprising since it goes very fast. The audiences will be surprised and really emotional since it enhances the role of a woman as the main actor. She is the one that gives everything in the movie becomes much more powerful and touching. Naomi is on her way to break off the bad things that she did earlier on IPO. The people on the company think that what they did is something wrong and too assertive. But actually it is not only about her assertive attitude.

What Naomi did as the investment banker in the Equity is so normal. That normal attitude as a woman is what makes this movie gets so much popularity in the festival. Aside from its assertive and tough appearance and attitude showed by Naomi, she is also a woman who have emotional problem. She cannot get rid of the fact that she is already in mid-40 when she is supposed to be married but she is not. That thought weighs her a lot in making and guiding the company.

As the lead director of Equity, Meera Menon has something that is quite interesting to follow. The same with Menon, Fox, as the scriptwriter, also gives the same thought. They do not want to excuses all the problem of mid-40 woman into Naomi’s life. She has all the idea that she can handle all the hurdles. But actually she is not alone. Erin, the one closest to Naomi in the company also gives serious role as the one that is fear to lose her rise on the firm. Also, there is Samantha, starred by Alysia Reiner, a US prosecutor, who has a duty to investigate Naomi’s boyfriend, starred by James Purefoy.

The whole story in the Equity is more surprising rather than what it is written here. The film’s producer develops the screenplay in order to give different perspective on each of the characters. They on one side show the side of people how they contribute to fall Naomi. On the other side, they are also able to create empathy to those people. It gives the audiences such good insight that the backstabbing action in Wall Street is commonly performed and it is all well accepted.

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