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Gleason is a documentary film directed by Clay Tweel and written by Seth Gordon and Tweel. This film has been released and reviewed on January 28, 2016 at Sundance Film Festival. Generally, this film has almost gets perfect score from critic. The main stars are Steve Gleason, Blair Casey, Paul Varisco Sr., Drew Brees, Mike McCready, Rivers Varisco Gleason, Michel Varisco, Mike Gleason, Scott Fujita and Eddie Vedder. This film can be one of the most favorite documentary films that you will like to watch since it has amazing story line.


The director of Gleason is Clay Tweel. The writers of the story are Seth Gordon and Tweel. Camera is by Ty Minton-Small and David Lee. Then, for the editors of this film are Tweel and Brian Palmer. The composers of the music are Dan Romer and Saul Simon MacWilliams. Music supervisor is Dan Wilcox while the supervising sound editor is Rick Larimore. The recording mixers are Mark Rozett and James Scullion. The language is English. The duration of the film is 111 minutes. For the stars, it is like has been mentioned above.


Amazon or Open Road Films release Dear River Productions and IMG presentation of Seth Gordon production. Gleason is produced by Seth Gordon, Scott Fujita, Kimi Culp, Tom Lavia, Mary Rohlich, Kevin Lake and Thomas McEachin. For the executive producers, they are Mark Shapiro, Paul Varisco Sr and Will Staeger. For the co-producers, they are Shannon E. Riggs, Justin Bergeron and Ann Preibe. Co-executive producer is Drew Brees.


Gleason tells about Steve Gleason when he was 34 years old. He was diagnosed by doctors with ALS. Then, the doctors give him who is the former NFL defensive back as well as New Orleans hero for about two to five years to stay alive. So, this is what Steve starts to do, to live. He has a purpose for the newborn son and wide as well as helps others who have the same disease as his. This is where the story of this film becomes more than just interesting since audiences will also know more about the effects of ALS.

Indeed, the devastating effects of his disease, ALS are fully shown in Gleason. This is like an emotional powerhouse of the documentary videos from the former NFL star. The director, Clay Tweel makes an amazing steps to make this film is more than just as usual typical inspirational documentary of living with disease. This film portrays a family who is forced to readjust their lives completely and never flinching from accompanying the frustrations and fears. The director really works hard to assemble four years of footage.

Much of Gleason is taken from Steve Gleason footage even most of them shot by himself. The result is a video with a painfully raw at the time but also undeniably rewarding. Gleason has made his name to be on a strong potential film where Amazon then takes the US rights for the distribution at Sundance then partner with Open Road for the theatrical release. This film is where many people must watch to be more than just inspired but also informed with more facts about ALS. Even, it is more in this film since all audiences even strong men need to admit if they are worth it to tear to this film.

Gleason has motivation, advice, observation about life even tells the growth of the health of Steve Gleason. Then, it becomes more touching since this film has really amazing soundtracks like Mike McCready, Vedder’s bandmate who provides an original song, ‘Hoping and Healing’. There are other emotional songs from Pearl Jam as well as the Head and the Hearts song ‘Rivers and Roads’. The overall package of this film is solid enough and can bring audiences to tear.


Well, Gleason can be one of the most worth it 2016 films you need to watch since this film gives deeper meaning about being alive. This film is touching and heartwarming too. Motivations, inspirations, quotes and more about how to have a strong life are presented in this film. No wonder if it has almost perfect score in IMDb since it is scored at 9.2 from 10. You will absolutely enjoy this film. Watch the trailer or buy the ticket now.

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