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Gridiron Heroes is 2015 documentary and drama film directed by Andrew Lauer, Andy Lauer and Seth Camillo. This film is written by Andrew Lauer and Andy Lauer. In limited theater, this film has been released on August 21, 2015. On DVD, it has been released on September 1, 2015. The runtime of this film is 1 hour and 17 minutes. The main star of this film is Chris Canales. He is a football star who then becomes paralyzed in the championship of football game. This film may reveal more facts to audiences who don’t know about.

Gridiron Heroes tells about the chronicle of the work of Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation where it is started by Chris Canales together with his father, Eddie who make them become a nominated for prestigious award, ‘CNN Heroes of the Year’. This film exams the football game itself starting from the professional football team to the players to speak out. Then, the most dangerous fact that has been revealed from the discussion tells about larger problem of a brain damage including spinal cord injuries that can occur to all players.

In this film, Gridiron Heroes, you may have known that NFL Legend Deacon Jones said that football can build a better person. Absolutely, due to the teamwork, struggle, sacrifice as well as competition including pride makes all players can be a better person than before whom they are. But, just because this game can improve their character, that doesn’t mean there is no more fatal damage to their physic where it is actually more worth than what the game can give to them. This is the point of this film that you need to know.

In this film, Gridiron Heroes, introduces audiences about Chris Canales. He is a young and spirited high school football star who then becomes seriously injured when he was in the last regular season of the game of the year. In the game, Christ has so many collisions with other players including tackles that make him is forced to stop from playing the game. He broke his neck as well as gets paralyzed. The audiences can see it at the nightmarish scene. This film is heartbreaking since many people don’t know it.

Gridiron Heroes tells about touching story that is felt by Chris, his parents including his team. People around him also feel the same. Audiences will get touched when they see and feel the same emotion of this film. Therefore, it can be said that what makes football game great, it also makes it terrible. Many people love to watch this game even we know that the huge stadium will not enough to make all audiences sit and enjoy the big game from the rivalry teams. It is like a gladiator since this game is full of emotions and powers.


The full cast of Gridiron Heroes is as follow; Chris Canales, Eddie Canales, Taylor Kitsch as Narrator, Al Michaels, Jerry Jones, Pita Canales, Peter Berg, Cody Williams, Jared Williams, Kyle Chandler, Stacy Williams, Drew Pinsky, Piers Morgan, Arlenna Williams, Kurt Warner, Mike Ditka, Dennis Green, Holly Robinson Peete, Deacon Jones, Brad Leland, Laura Dern, Rick Fox, Rex Linn, Scott Porter, Chesley Sullenberger, Brian Bosworth, LaMarcus Tinker, Alan Schwarz, Brett Favre, Paul Williams and Marcus Riley.

Critical Response

Gridiron Heroes has perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes since it is scored at 100% by the average rating is 4.3 from 5. This indicated this film is loved and favored by audiences. They can enjoy the story even get touched to the story of the film since it has heartwarming storyline that audiences will not only see but also feel. If you like the genre or the little review of this film, you will love to watch it since other audiences also like this film so much.

This film, Gridiron Heroes, can be one of your favorite films too especially if you like football game and the genre of this film since this film reveals the facts about football players especially about their health problem and damaged their vital parts of body since this game is categorized as hard game where muscles will be more dominant. Well, you will absolutely like this film. Watch the trailer first before you buy the ticket.

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