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The Hollars is an American comedy drama film released in 2016 with John Krasinski as its director. This film has James C. Strouse as the writer. The main stars are John Krasinski, Mary E. Winstead, Anna Kendrick, Charlie Day, Sharlto Copley, Josh Groban, Margo Martindale, Randall Park, Richard Jenkins and M. Kay Place. This film has been released in January 2016. It has mixed critics from both positive and negative reviews. So, it depends on the audiences. Read the following review to decide whether to love or leave this film.


The director of The Hollars is John Krasinski. The producers of this film are John Krasinski, Tom Rice, Ben Nearn and Allyson Seeger. The writer of the film is James C. Strouse. For the cinematography, it is by Eric A. Edwards. Then, Terel Gibson is responsible for the film editing. The production companies are Groundswell Productions, Sunday Night and Sycamore Pictures. Sony Pictures Classics is the distributor of this film. The release date is on 29 January , 2016 at Sundance Film Festival. The country is United States and the language is English.


The center story of The Hollars tells about John Hollar (John Krasinski). He is a struggling graphic novelist in New York. He is pushed to return to his hometown since Sally, his mother, will have a surgery due to the diagnosis of brain tumor. He left his girlfriend, Rebecca (Anna Kendrick) who is pregnant his first child in New York. Getting back to the house where he grew up, he meets tons of problems from his family, ex-girlfriend who is overeager and high school pals. The story is interesting since it may happen in the real life but it can be little bit boring for some of you.

Full Casts

The performances of the players in The Hollars are also good. They include Anna Kendrick acts as Rebecca, John Krasinski acts John Hollar, Mary E. Winstead acts as Gwen, Margo Martindale acts as Sally Hollar, Charlie Day acts as Jason, Sharlto Copley acts as Ron Hollar, Randall Park acts as Dr. Fong, Richard Jenkins acts as Don Hollar, Josh Groban acts as Rev. Dan, Mary K. Place acts as Pam, Brady Permenter acts as Boy on Bike and Yvonne Angulo acts as ER Nurse or as Yvonne Welch.

Other players in The Hollars are Ashley Dyke acts as Stacey, Didi Costine acts as Matilda, Tonea Stewart acts as Latisha, Emma Frances Burge acts as Airport Guest, Nancy Nave acts as OB Nurse, Isabela Costine acts as Constance and Rhonda Jennings acts as Bank Teller. There is also Gus Sanchez acts as Pedro, Vincent Eugene Hatten acts as Doctor and Jeff Martinez acts as Guy Leaning Against Car. Their performances in this film may be good but the story may still need more improvements especially about the construction to be more attractive.

Production and Release Date

The production of The Hollars began from 5 May, 2014 where it was published that John Krasinski was going to be the director of this film. Then, some players like Anna Kendrick, Richard Jenkins and Margo Martindale including Krasinski joined the cast. The principal photography as well as the production started from 15 July, 2014 then ended on 15 August 2014. The principal photography had some places in Mississippi along with other places like Canton, Jackson and Brookhaven.

Krasinski said that the editing of The Hollars was finished on 16 January 2015. Then, for the date release, this film has its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival on 29 January 2016. At the same date, Sony Pictures Classics got all rights of this film for both Asia and U.S. After the release, this film has mixed reviews from the critics of experts. Besides watching the trailer, the score of the film, based on the critic may help you in deciding to watch or not.

Critical Reception

Just like has been stated before that The Hollars has mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, based on 9 reviews, gives this film 55% score and the average rating is 5.4 from 10. Metacritic scores this film 59 from 100 while IMDb gives this film 8.5 from 10 scores. The Guardian gives this film 2 rating stars from 5 stars. It indicates that this film may be good or not depending on what the audiences’ considerations.

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