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If Jumanji was the movie that really gave you a lot of excitement, the movie’s remake version is unquestionably a movie which you should plan to watch. The new movie would be one of the awesome things you should wait for if the original Jumanji was part of your precious childhood and you would love to see the story adapted into a new movie. The original is undeniably a classic piece and it was awesome. If you like remakes and you like the original movie, you should consider making a schedule to watch this one. These are stuffs associated with the remake which you should write down if you are intrigued to go to the cinema and watch it.

Jumanji and Astonishing Things about the Remake

The Jumanji remake is one of the intriguingly astonishing things movie lovers that loved the original movie might want to hear of. Sony is so close to reboot the classic movie and two awesome actors would probably star in it. The two actors in question are Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The two awesome actors are said to be in early talks and if everything is actually true, the two will star in the awaited remake of the film.

The original Jumanji was adapted from an adventure book which was written by Chris Van Allsburg and was released in 1981. The remake might also adapt the book’s story and fans of the book’s story should hope that the remake version of the film’s story does not stray from the book’s story. Schedules are actually still being arranged because both Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have multiple productions to join. However, insiders indicated that things actually moved toward a certain deal.

If Johnson really will star in Jumanji, he will definitely have to manage time carefully because he has multiple schedules. The man gets an opening in the fall with Rampage, which is a New Line work, possibly moved to 2017. The shooting for this remake might need to be done before Ballers’ third season. Ballers is a HBO series Johnson has a role on. This summer, Johnson will shoot the hyped Fast 8 as well.

To join Jumanji remake production, Kevin Hart will also have to carefully manage his time because he also has to shoot a remake of The Intouchables. The man need to very carefully make schedules if production for this remake should take place at a time the other projects he has a role in are being worked on. If Hart and Johnson really join the production, the film might have hopes of becoming awesome.

Jumanji Remake as a Film That Has Hopes of Becoming Awesome

If the remake of Jumanji is a remake you are intrigued to watch, how Kevin and Dwayne have great chemistry should be something which you should write down. The two displayed great chemistry when they co-hosted a movie award event. Sony manages to not miss anything and it sees a good opportunity which involves pairing the two men. The two’s chemistry might help make the remake successful if it is eventually produced.

The director that would work on the Jumanji remake is Jake Kasdan. Kasdan will find himself an awesome partner. The partner in question is Matt Tolmach, who will be producing as Kasdan is directing the film. William Teitler will also produce and Mike Weber, Van Allsburg, and Ted Field will be executive producing. The script for the remake has actually been written. The one that wrote the script is Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg. They write the script according to a draft which was made by Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna.

If the rumor is true, the remake will also see another awesome actor aside from Kevin hart and Dwayne Johnson. The actor in question is Jack Black, who is a quite reputable actor. The production of this remake will possibly take place in Hawaii. The production might start on August. Sony will possibly release Jumanji remake on July 2017. If you loved the original movie or if you love the 1981 book, you may need to consider going to the cinema to simply watch and enjoy the remake if on 2017 the remake really hits the theaters.

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