Reasons and Proofs Why Black Widow Deserves a Solo Movie

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The Avengers, a group of superheroes, becomes one of the most favorite films among moviegoers. The superheroes include Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and so on. Some of the superheroes have already had their solo movie, even in sequels. Unfortunately, Black Widow is not as lucky as Iron man and Captain America. She does not have any solo movie. On the other hand, she actually deserves it based on these several reasons.

Who takes down Alexander Pierce? The answer is Black Widow. It is a big proof that she has a great potency to play a solo movie with herself becomes the focal point character. Another proof is that she spills the HYDRA’s secrets. She defiantly and willingly stands in front of the Congress and declares that she and Captain America are the only qualified heroes to save the world. In addition, she also turns on the Team Iron Man to help Captain America escape.

Not only does she take down Alexander Pierce, she also takes down Justin Hammer’s Thugs. She has an acrobatic fighting style that can make the enemies give up with only minimal help from Happy Hogan. Facing the God of Mischief, Black Widow successfully goes to the prison and feigns the weakness when some others can’t. Although she is not as powerful as Thor and as versatile as Iron Man, she is very smart, agile and fast.

Those are some skills that the only Black Widow has. Based on those skills, we can simply conclude that she deserves a solo movie. Many moviegoers love the way she beat the enemies in her own style. She can do that, solo. Some others surprising abilities of hers include her ability in figuring out the key to the Loki’s scepter and how she completes the objective on Lemurian Star.

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