Remember the Goal Movie Review

Some dramas have been released early this year and some others will be released very soon. One of those dramas that will be released in this 2016 is Remember the Goal drama movie. This drama is special since this one belongs to Christian people around the world. But everyone can watch this movie if they want no matter what their background is. Even though this is a Christian movie, this drama is talking about a game. What game and how is it related to Christianity? Check the details below.

Remember the Goal drama will be released in United States of America on August 26th this year. Then this drama will be distributed to the other countries. Dave Christiano is the main guy behind this movie. Dave Christiano is not only the director of this drama but is also the screen writer, the producer, and the editor of this movie. But Dave Christiano doesn’t work alone. There is Jordan Christiano, Dave’s brother, who works as the assistant producer, Ben Graham the associate producer, Mark Mitchell in the cinematography and Jasper Randall in music department.

Characters in This New Drama Movie

Dave Christiano adds some characters to this Remember the Goal drama movie and some actresses and actors have been chosen to join and help the production of this drama movie. Some characters that will appear in this drama are including Courtney Smith Donnelly played by Allee Sutton Hethcoat, Anna Glass played by Quinn Alexis, Heidi Olson played by Sydney Marks, Shelby Opal played by Jayla Palmer, Kristen Sims played by Lacy Hartselle, Rebecca Shackelford played by Margaret Tant, Katelyn Vann played by McKensie Miller, and Ken Prader played by Dean Kostlich.

Many more actresses and actors have been chosen and have joined to this movie. They are Wynn Reichert plays the father of Anna Glass, Mary Meyer as the mother of Rebecca Shackelford, Daniel Gilley as Chase, Lauren Hutchins as Savannah, Robin Daugherty as Neal Sims, Eric Mullett as Dr. Vann, Jonathan Riggs as the coach of Eastern Valley, Cory Holland as the coach of FRA Glennwood, Evan Taylor Williams as the coach of HCA, Casey Bond as the coach of FCA. Well not all the characters of this Remember the Goal drama can be written in this page.

Inspiring Story of Remember the Goal Drama

This Remember the Goal drama movie is telling us about new couch that takes over a program at Christian school. Then the coach sets specific goal for girls at the Christian school so that those girls can win state meet. Will the girls remember their goal and be the winner? Dave Christiano Films will release this movie soon and Five & Two Pictures will distribute this movie so everyone in all states can watch this drama and get the answer of the question above.

Remember the Goal is the very first movie about cross country team that all the members are girls. But this movie is the sixteenth movie comes from Christiano Brothers, Dave and Jordan. The focus of this movie is the coach that gives the goal those girls must remember. From this movie teenagers will be able to learn at least four life lessons and parents will be able to earn at least two life lessons.

Inspiring and Motivating Story of Remember the Goal Drama

This Remember the Goal drama will also share principle for all coaches around the world. Coaches must learn from this movie about how to run the teams under their arms. The movie will also give the teenagers something that is really important for their life called purpose. So many teens around the world are all driven by ungodly music and movies today. Christiano wants to change those teens’ focus.

Remember the Goal movie is inspired by a verse taken from Christian Bible 1 Corinthians 10:31. This verse says “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Dave Christiano believes that this simple verse is able to change everybody’s life. That’s why he shares this verse in his movie knowing that all teenagers love watching movie and will be inspired by the story of this drama. Make sure you add this movie to your list and watch it soon as this movie is played in your favorite cinema.

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