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Some years ago, an interesting movie called Nuit Blanche has been released. Never heard about this movie before? Then you may be familiar with its other name, Sleepless Night. This movie has been released in United States of America on May 11th in 2012. Sleepless Night is categorized in thriller, crime, and action. For an hour and forty three minutes you will be entertained by the incredible story of this Sleepless Night movie. Now, let us introduce you to all people who have created this beautiful crime movie.

First of all, we would like to introduce Frederic Jardin. Jardin was the director of Sleepless Night and also the scenario writer. Frederic Jardin wrote the story of Sleepless Night with Olivier Douyere and Nicolas Saada. Then we would like to introduce the producers of this Nuit Blanche movie, Lauranne Bourrachot, Marco Cherqui, David Grumbach, Jean-Jacques Neira, Paul Thiltges, and Hubert Toint. Next, Gilles Waterkeyn and Adrian Politowski were the co producer of Sleepless Night while Paolo Nino Cence was the assistant producer. Nicolas Errera was in music department while Tom Stern was in cinematography.

Characters in Sleepless Night Action Movie

Some characters have been added to the story of Sleepless Night. Some of them are including Vincent who is played by Tomer Sisley and Jose Marciano that is played by Serge Riaboukine. There is also Lacombe played by Julien Boisselier, Feydek played by Joey Starr, Manuel played by Laurent Stocker, Yilmaz played by Birol Unel, and Vignali played by Lizzie Brochere. The other actors and actresses involved in Sleepless Night are Samy Seghir as Thomas, Dominique Bettenfeld as Alex, Adel Bencherif as Abel, Catalina Denis as Julia, and Pom Klementieff as Lucy.

Sure there are many more actresses and more actors helped the production of Sleepless Night movie by playing some characters that are not the focus of the movie. The names of those actresses and actors are listed at the end of Nuit Blanche movie. The original title of this movie is Nuit Blanche, it is a French word. In United States of America and worldwide, people knew this movie as Sleepless Night. This movie called Nuit Blanche since it came from France.

Release Dates of Sleepless Night Thriller Movie

Sleepless Night has been released at Toronto International Film Festival in Canada on September 13th in 2011. On November 16th 2011 this Sleepless Night movie has been released in Belgium and in France. Then on 2nd of February 2012 Sleepless Night was released in Russia. They brought Sleepless Night and released this movie in Germany on 5th April 2012 in DVD and Blu-ray premiere. Then in United States of America, they released Nuit Blanche at Wisconsin Film Festival on 19 April in 2012 and on 11 May in 2012.

From June in 2012 until December 2012, Sleepless Night or Nuit Blanche movie has been released in some different countries like in Turkey, in Japan at Festival du Film Francais au Japon, in Hungary, and in Poland. Then in 2013, they released Sleepless Night in at least three different countries including in Netherlands on 18th of June, in Sweden on 21st of August, and in Spain on 18th of November. Scroll down and read many more facts about this French thriller movie before you get the movie.

Various Names of One Thriller and Action Movie

In French, the original title of this movie is known as Nuit Blanche. But people in Brazil knew this movie as Pura Adrenalina while people in Germany said Nacht der Vergeltung when they talked about this Sleepless Night movie. Each country has different name for this movie. In Spain, this movie called Noche de Venganza while in Hungary this is known as Feher ejszaka and in Italy people called it Notte Bianca.

The residents of Poland knew this Sleepless Night movie as Biala noc while people in Serbia called this movie Noc bez sna and the Turkish title of this movie is Soluksuz Gece. But people around the world know the English title of this movie, the Sleepless Night. The creator of this movie has spent about €2,500,000. You must check this movie and see the quality of this expensive movie soon as you have time.

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