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If a new movie from Warner Bros is a movie you would like to watch, Smallfoot is one of the movies you should wait for. This movie is one that a Warner Bros fan must consider watching because Warner Bros invested a lot into this movie. The people that are behind this movie are also awesome people and they would make sure that the movie is a movie worth watching. The movie itself is actually one that is meant to be watched by the entire family. If this movie is the movie which you would consider watching, here are stuffs associated with the movie which you might need to consider writing down.

Smallfoot and the People Working Behind the Movie

The people that work behind the production of Smallfoot are amazing people with reputations. Those amazing people include Sergio Pablos, who work as the director of this soon-to-be-released movie. Sergio is a reputable person and he has significant roles in producing awesome movies. Sergio is an animation director and he always knows what he is always doing. The man has spent over 20 years in an industry called animation industry. The man has taken various roles like a studio owner, supervising animator, character designer, executive producer, writer, and creator.

The man who directs Smallfoot, Sergio Pablos, has had his name included in the credits of awesome movies including Treasure Planet, Rio, and Despicable Me. The works that Sergio did have been nominate twice for the prestigious Annie Awards. Those works are the man’s character animation which is included in Treasure Planet and his awesome Character design included in Rio. Sergio also works for a studio that he helms.

The studio that Sergio Pablos helms is called The SPA Studios. The studio is the place Sergio created Klaus, Smallfoot, and Despicable me. The studio has done excellent work for Paramount Animation, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, and more. Sergio first worked for the reputable Disney before creating the bad guy people see in the awesome movie titled Despicable Me. The man also took part in the production of Metegol and the Smurfs.

Aside from Sergio Pablos, the people who are behind Smallfoot also include John Requa. John is one of the three screenwriters for this movie. John has helped the production of many movies including a movie titled Focus that was a 2015 movie. In Focus, John worked as both the director and the writer. The movies John worked on were usually movies with awesome achievements and popularities. Many of them are successful movies with numerous fans.

The two other screenwriters for Smallfoot are Sergio Pablos and Glenn Ficarra. The latter is also John Requa’s coworker in Focus. Glenn is actually not only a screenwriter in his daily life. After all, Glenn is also an actor, a director, and a producer. Ficarra and John met each other at the famous Pratt Institute. It was when the two were both studying film. Once they finished their studies, they worked for Nickelodeon and animation is the field they chose. As writers, Glenn and John have written comedy films which proved popular including Cats and Dogs. Animation films are in good hands if the two are among the people that work behind such films.

Smallfoot and the Genre of the Movie

Undeniably, Smallfoot is the film which you should watch if Warner Bros is a company you are a fan of. The film is among the hyped Warner Bros movies and it would probably be quite awesome. However, if you planned to watch the film, you should know the genre of this film. Do not go to cinemas without knowledge on the film’s genre to avoid watching a film with a genre that you actually resent or at least has dislikes for. The genre of this film is one that numerous people would definitely like, though.

The hyped film, Smallfoot, is an animation film and it is certainly going to be good. The animation film itself is not a film you might need to hide from people towards whom you have affection because the film is a film for families. In short, if an animation film for family from Warner Brothers is the film you would watch this film is undeniably an animation film for you.

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