Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a superhero film that will be released in 2017. This superhero film is based on Marvel Comics Spider-Man. This can be a reboot of the franchise of Spider-Man. It is also as the sixteenth installment from Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as become the fourth installment. This upcoming film will be released next year on July 7, 2017. This film is not rated or reviewed, but of course, there are many people who will like this film and has waited for the tickets to buy. You can be one of them who will like this film too.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts and will be produced by Kevin Feige, Stan Lee as well as Amy Pascal. The writers of the screenplay are John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein while the writers of the characters are Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The filming locations are in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The genre of this film is action, adventure, fantasy and science fiction. The production companies are Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Enterprises. Casting is by Sarah Finn.

Full Cast

Spider-Man: Homecoming must have more interesting story than before. Surely, the performances of the players must be more amazing too. The cast of this film include Tom Holland acts as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Marisa Tomei acts as Aunt May, and Robert Downey Jr. acts as Tony Stark / Iron Man, Tony Revolori acts as Manuel, Laura Harrier including Zendayaacts as Michelle. This film can easily hit the theaters even become a nomination in some awards remembering this film can be one of the most anticipated films in 2017.


Based on information from Kevin Feige, Spider-Man: Homecoming film will begin the production in next month or June 2016. He said that, the studios have crossed almost the halfway mark of the amazing film, Captain America: Civil War. It was about 42 or 43 days from 80. Then, the studios began filming Doctor Strange in November, in London. The studios also begin shooting a film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 during February to March this year, 2016. The last, the studios will start filming another amazing film, Thor: Ragnarok including Spider-Man in almost the same time in June 2017.

Last month, on April 12, 2016, the filmmaker officially confirmed that the film will have a title, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Then, still in the same month, it was also confirmed that the actor of Tony Start or Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. will also play in this film to reprise his role. This should be an amazing film you must watch since it can be another great film that has more than one superhero. If you are now looking for 2017 film to watch, then this is one of them that you must include or insert to your list.

Plot and Critical Response

So far, the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming is still unknown remembering this film is not yet in the production. The filmmaker or studios have not yet released the synopsis of this film. Therefore, there is no clue for that. However, since there are two superheroes in this film, Spider-Man and Iron Man, this should be really one of the incredible films you need to watch. Sure, it can have different story from other series of Spider-Man even from the last sequel, the Amazing Spider-Man.

For the critical response, Spider-Man: Homecoming is not yet reviewed or criticized by reviewers or experts. But, you may have some clues from the review here. This film can be one of the most anticipated superhero films in 2017. We only hope this film can be more amazing than the previous installment. Surely, the presence of Iron Man should make the rating of the film increase significantly.

So, if you are now looking for 2017 films to watch, make sure Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of them. Waiting the official trailer or the related news may give you some clues whether this film can be your favorite or not since if you are a big fan of Spider Man, any small things happen to the character may change your opinion about this superhero where it can make you love it more or not.

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